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Q: Substring match from beginning or end of line and column? So I have a file of data that I need to extract a substring from using 2 indices, one from the beginning of the line, and another from the end of the line. I have been doing some research and have come up with a couple solutions, but I am wondering if there are better ways to do this. Method 1 Let's say I have a string: a I am looking to extract: a Using the python package regex, I have come up with the following regex which does this perfectly. re.sub('', '', re.findall('', text)) If you look at the output, it also matches the start and end of the line with Method 2 Same case except I want to start from the end of the line. So I do this: re.sub('(.*?)', text)) This works fine for all but the start of the line. How would I modify this so it matches the start of the line as well? Method 3 The third method is what I was originally using, it matched the text in the same way as method 1 but then removes the from the start and end of the line: re.sub('.*', text)) Here is the output: a So it is removing the from the start and end of the line, but it's not removing them from the beginning and end of the line. I have used re.sub('(.*)', '', text) but nothing seems to be removing them. The final output should be: A: This is the solution that I came up with: re.sub('




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Time Works Reverb 4080l.v1.062.rar

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